11.09.02 Labor Day knitting

What my Labor Day looks like.    I will measure its success and restfulness in WIP progress.

To do List:
Pomegranate Belvedere (red) - finish button band and neck band, buy buttons and finish
Cloud Shawl (white, part of The 45) - make progress - finish body and start lace
Acadia Cardigan - (gold, recent rash of castonistis) make progress - finish one front and block to check drape and fabric
Kent and Irene Cardigan - (brown under everything) complete sleeve #2, and button bands, finish

Too much you say?  Nah, Knitting is never labor....its love.

Hope you have a wonderful restful Labor Day!


  1. Nice photo, enjoy the weekend! I'll be knitting in the car to RI, dropping off the youngest at college. The only upside to 16 - 18 hours RT is that I might actually finish Irene!

  2. If anyone can finish that to-do list, you can! This looks like my idea of Heaven - the best kind of long weekend there is:)!

  3. Love the colors.I hope to get some knitting done myself.

  4. Enjoy reading your blog and progress with your WIPs. I'm working on finishing mine too. Your projects are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.