11.09.06  A Good Knitting Weekend

Last post I planned a weekend of knitting....So how did I do?

Finished (#7 of the 45) the Cloud Shawl (Kouyou by A. Tong) - this shawl was fast to knit and fun.  I love the lace pattern and plan on making another for me (this one was for daughter)  Lovely, easy, well written pattern - would be good for first lace project too.  There is a total of 6 stitch used and purl resting rows.

This yarn (Cascade Eco Cloud in cream)  is yummy - aran weight and alpaca makes for a cozy soft comfort shawl. Blocked beautifully.  Highly recommend.

Seamed Irene and Kent Sweater and half finished last sleeve.  I think this will be a nice sweater when done but have to make a decision on the front closure.  The pattern calls for two large panels of ribbing to overlap double breasted style.  Now that I see the denseness of the ribbing, worried it will be like armor plated front.  May choose to do one ribbed panel and seam closed to make pullover.

Polmegranite Belevedere - buttonhole issues, used three different buttonholes and had to redo three  times.  Finally landed on Double YO (k1, P1 in double Yo next row)  it looked the best in the cotton blend (KnitPicks Comfy). Finished button band and half way through second band.  neck line last then done.

Made progress on Acadias (See tale of two sweaters below)

I am happy with my progress this weekend.  I took a whole day off knitting to work in my yarn room.  It's clean, organized and ready for fall!   It yielded three large boxes of yarn - 1) swap  2) scraps 3) sell.  Will post on that later.

A Tales of Two Sweaters...
I love this pattern new sweater, Acadia from Brooklyn Tweed's new collection Wool People.
My first thought was of a nice wooly wool jacket in a tweedy golden brown for fall.  My daughter has a blazer this color she wore all last year and I was jealous.  Searching for the perfect gold wool,  I found Cascade Eco+ at Fibre Space in the exact color I had in mind.  Perfect color but a little heavy for the pattern.  No worries - I have used this yarn enough to know that it behaves perfectly on 9s and I could get close to gauge with it.  So Do math/Block/Full,whatever to make it the right size.  I cast on left front with Glee!  I quickly realized the garter in this heavy worsted would be too bulky and thick and not drape.  Would run the risk of looking heavy and unflattering - I switched to stockinette stitch and it was perfect.

Then I saw this version from Lapouleapetitspas on Ravelry. Stunning!  So soft and cozy I want one these too!  The drape and fuzzy finish were so inviting.  This would be my draped-over-the -back-of my-chair sweater this season.  You know - the one you reach for when you get the chill - that goes with every thing and you love to death.  After a two day search I settled on LB Collection Merino Angora.  Just enough angora to make it yummy but not so much you inhale and choke on fuzz all the time.  Delivered in three day, just in time for Labor day weekend (Thank you Lion Brand!), I cast on back immediately!  IT IS PERFECT and in garter will look amazing.  I expect it to lengthen when blocked and am depending in it!  I am so happy!

I think I will get two totally different sweaters from one pattern - what a great deal.

Next up on the 45 to be finished...Tweed Watch Cap
#8 of 45


  1. Love Belvedere! Very interested to see both Acadia's side by side.

  2. Funny how the yarn changes the way the pattern looks! That's A LOT of garter stitch :)