11.09.12 When Hubby's away, you can knit all day....

Hubby went to Ocean City with friends this weekend.  I was alone all weekend!!  no one to worry about or entertain, I did what I wanted.  Got a lot done this weekend.  Knitting too  :)

Sadly nothing more resolved from "the 45" but that's ok.


Please forgive some of the pictures - just iphone "proof I finished" shots.  Better ones when I block, button and model.

Pomegranate Belvedere caridgan. 
Knitscene - by Debbie O'Neill
KnitPicks Comfy worsted

I had such doubts about the fit after I assemble the pieces.  I had blocked the pieces and they were all correct, but when I tried on before the button and neck bands were added, it felt too wide.  Some on Ravelry had said they did not like the fit after finishing, some tore out and redid armholes. After trying it on,  I was worried it would not stay on my shoulders.  Thought about stopping and ditching the project, but glad I pushed on and finished.  Was so wrong-what a nice comfortable fit. Still needs buttons.  Can't find good color match.  There is a nice antique store next to Fibre Space in Alexandria that has a zillion antique buttons. I am thinking maybe Bakelite? in harvest gold? If you can't match'em, contrast'em.

Kent and Irene Cardigan
Twist Collective - by Katya Wilsher
Cascade 220 Heathers
This is lovely, fits well, well written pattern, no mods.  Can't wait for it to be cold enough to wear.  Still need buttons.  Maybe there will be some good one at the antique store too.

Two-Hour Felted Slippers
by Nina Hyland
waiting for leopard spotted ribbon edge -Roar!
Lion Brand Alpine

It's that time of year when I start thinking about keeping my feet warm.  I saw this pattern a few months ago and was excited about the ribbon edging, not only pretty, it will help with the stretching that can be an issue with felted slippers.  It only took one skein of Alpine and found some cute ribbon to match.  Have you noticed that there is less ribbon available compared to 5 years ago?  True to its name - these took less than a football game (Go Ravens!)to complete the knitting - very easy pattern - well done.  I have never felted this yarn before and WOW - it only took one cycle in the washer.  They are very, very fuzzy. I may shave.   If I like them and want another pair, will try the Patons Wool Roving and see if it is less fuzzy when felted.  I am always surprised by the felting/fulling process - the before and after is amazing.

and I cast on:
Rocky Coast Cardigan. I decided to give up my gauge snobbery and do it as designer intended.  Using the LB Fisherman's wool...moves along quickly on 10.5s.  I am almost to sleeve separation time after less than one football game of knitting (Go Redskins!).  Nice.

Was a good knitting weekend...mmm...where can I send him next?

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  1. Wow, to have a whole weekend to yourself. I am glad when I get an hour.