11.08.29 Cast-onitis

ugh...not feeling well....have Castonitis (aka startitis).
Kent - Twist Collective

It started when the Irene Hurricane hype was in full tilt.  I was sitting in my living room and it hit me. I felt the wave.  That feeling we all know - where we can't do anything but run for the stashroom and hold our heads over the yarn basket.   I need a new project to ride out the storm.  I tried pills, looking on ravMD to remind me of my last case of castonitis and asked husband to hold my hand, but it didn't help.

The resulting rash looks like this:

One of these (Kent) in Cascade 220 Dark Heathered Brown - Back is done and Left front is cast on.  Lovely pattern/yarn combo so far.  Have had this yarn for a while - never found a pattern worthy of its dark rich velvety color.

Acadia - Wool People
Kathmandu Cowl
Then I saw this garter yumminess and remembered I wanted a sweater in a nice golden color for fall.  I had some Bartlett yarn in my favorite color - Willow, but it too stiff for the drape I want.   I have chosen color # 4010 in Cascade Eco+ and will knit on 9s and block hard for drape. (*sign* not from stash)

Then I saw this cowl - I have two lonely balls of Blackstone Tweed (green and tan) I bought for a hat for my daughter who informed me that I had already made her a hat in the same two colors...So looks like a great cowl for me now!

So far these three "treatments" seem to have cured me, but we shall see....it is Fall.  Relapses are more prevalent this time of year.


  1. I'm all for the relapse! Gotta have something fun to do now and then:)!!! Hope I never find a cure!

  2. I feel your pain, blanket WIPs be damned, I can't put Vodka Gimlet down!

  3. Sigh, I would love to have had "cast on itis".

    When the storm comes - hurricane or snow - I feel the need to eat. This time it was an order of french fries with extra salt and Frappe Mocha from Micky-D's. Both were small out of respect for my diet, but I dearly wished they had both been large.

    Once I downed those two things, I was ready for anything.