11.08.06 Getting Usable data....

I discovered that importing my projects data from Ravelry to Excel was not an easy thing.  So far Ravelry has not gotten to this feature, so I had to find a work around. (there are 107 people on Ravelry who want this feature too -  see here)  There is an .api in Ravelry that I could download a .json file (with my data), but .json is not a very usable data format.  Spoke with a few developer friends and they offer to write scripts and tools to do the work, but...well everyone is busy with day jobs and I would have to wait.  Who knows how long? I need another way.

While at Saturday morning knit group, I mentioned my dilemma to the table.  One offered to research but Cathy F. asked the $64,000 Question...."Did you do a web query from Excel?"  Why no - I did not.  Could it work? I hurried home to try.

I have Office 2010 and find I am continually amazed at how wonderful a tool MS has created.   A few clicks later, I had my data - all of my projects from the list view - complete and lovely. Now I can add the % complete and sort any way I please.

Next step...sort by % completed and select the bottom projects for froggin...

For any who would like to do this for themselves, I have created a tutorial with screenshots.  Since I have Office 2010 you may have to root around Excel for these tabs if you have a different version.

How to import Project page data from Ravelry to Excel


  1. Impressive - I just feel competent that I can easily get my projects on Ravelry!

  2. You never cease to amaze me! I'm with Lyn though, my Ravelry has to be up to date before the tutorial would help me! I'll get to work on that, you keep blazing the trail.

  3. I love this - and I realize I need to know more about Excel. Back to the books (every time I insert a score, I get 1/09/1900 in that space ??