12.02.20 Devesting the stash.....

During the "knit a cardigan" out of skinny weight craze (aka Whisper, Featherweight, Effortless cardigan ) I invested in several sweater quantities of fingering/sport weight yarn.  After the first attempt at staying focused on endless st st on 4/5/6 needles - I quit.   But this left me with all this thin stuff to use.  Shawls are the obvious fallback, but how many can you use/store?  I'm getting to my limit.  Enter the lace vest.
Meadowlark back

My Meadowlark
Amy Swenson released a new pattern, Meadowlark, that is simple and lovely.  Perfect for spring/summer over any sleeve top, this may be the answer.  This project is fun, with a racer back, and very interesting yet simple, seamless construction.  The lace pattern is super easy to memorize/read where you are- I am flying through the project.  I am excited to look in my stitch dictionaries and substituent another lace pattern and cast on another.
My Meadowlark in progress - front

Possibilities are endless: knit straight up the back (no race back?), make longer, make fronts wider for scarf neckline?  I am excited to try it again.

A simple Ravelry Pattern search for lt. fingering/fingering and sport weight, lace vests yielded 93 results  - go see!

If you have even a large shawl's worth of fingering/sport - you can devest it from your stash!

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  1. I think this would be quite lovely without the racer back. I do love your dress form!