12.02.14 Doorstop or greatest knitting reference book ever?

For Valentine's day, I received my very own copy of "The Principles of Knitting" by June Hemmons Hiatt from Amazon.   I consider it a gift since I ordered it nearly a year ago and totally forgot about it.  Thank you Amazon...my best friend.  What a lovely Valentine's surprise.

This book has 712 pages with 8 sections and 33 chapters covering every knitting technique and method you could possibly need.  Each topic is in depth and demonstrates with words and illustrations

The author states in How to use this book: "It does not simply provide instructions on How to do a technique, with expectation that you would learn in rote fashion, but instead it provides the knowledge you need to truly master the craft. "  She further covers "how it can be expected to behave in the fabric and how it compares to other similar techniques."


This can do for my knitting what the "Joy of Cooking" did for my cooking - provide the confidence that I can do anything.

No doorstop here.  My copy will dog eared, post-it noted, marked up and loved.


  1. OooOooOoh!! I pre-ordered mine long ago, too, and should receive it sometime next week. I'm so excited ♥

  2. I just won a copy online! It seems like everybody is adding this book to their collection!