12.03.06 Trial can prevent error

As a garment knitter - fit is something I am always trying to perfect.  Making small changes in time can be the difference between a fabulous garment and a fail.

This new product - Try-on Tubing by Machine Knitting to Dye for is amazing and a godsend to knitters.  Not just for garment knitting, this can help any knitter who want to see their progress.   You could even wet block right on these tubes.

Comes in two sizes and lengths.  Needle sizes: US 1½ to 8 or 8 to 13. Lengths - 1 and 2 yards.
I purchased both needles sizes in 2 yard lengths.  If you purchase two or more together they refund some of the postage. 

The concept is brilliant and so simple.   Instead of sliding your stitches off on waste yarn with a tapestry needle one stitch at a time or using a huge interchangeable cable that is annoying,  you use a slim tubing that fits snugly over the tip of your needle and quickly slide the stitches off on the tubing.  The tubing has stretch and would be great for trying on pullovers with negative ease. 

I can slip on the tubing - check fit, steam etc and back in the needles in 10 mins.  PERFECT!

Here's how it works:
First you select the tubing for your needle size - then slip the end of the tube firmly over the tip of the needle
 Next slide the stitches gently off on to the tubing. I have used several times and the needles has not slipped off yet.
Next - remove the needles and try-on, steam, block, pin, adjust, etc.
Pinned on the dressform for fit/length check


When done, reverse the process.  Put the tubing back on the needle tip and slide the stitches back on to the needle.


 Project details here.

After - all spread out
Before - scrunched up on the needle


  1. Hmmm... Susan B. Anderson recently mentioned this product as well. It is very interesting and I might have to give it a try.

  2. This is brilliant!! What a fantastic product. Miss you! Hope you and your family are well :)