12.1.25 - Best knitting year ever.

2011 was a good knitting year.  I completed a lot of projects and gained some new insights to my knitting.  I learned:

... I can let a knit sweater go.   I have around 40 sweaters that I have decided to sell,  I just can't bear donating them.  They were used a few times and loved but like other clothing items- I am ready to move on.  I will be happy just get back the yarn costs so I can knit more.

... I am a sweater knitter.  Accessories are nice and fun but sweaters are my preference. I have a huge collection of shawls now - probably need to clear some out too.  Family has asked me to stop knitting them hats.

Military Brass closure, sew or button one or both sides
... I don't like sweaters that just hang in the front.  I need them to cover me.  I am large chested and am uncomfortable when the sweater fronts falls to my sides.  I need enough fabric to cover me or a button/shawl pin to keep closed.  Need to experiment with more closures... like these.....>

.... I don't like heavy dense yarns.  They make sweater too heavy, drape or no, I don't want to feel like I am wearing chainmaille.

... I am over Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  I have a lifetime supply.  First up - City Block Shawl.  That should knock down some stash.

... I don't have to finish every project I start.  I can frog them.

Best new finds for knitting in 2011:
ChaiGoo Red Lace Needles - love the finish, tips, weight and cable
Quince and Co yarns - so soft, lovely to knit with and affordable
Lantern Moon Mini Rice Basket - best knitting bag ever
Amazon Kindle Fire - Carries all my knitting patterns....make notes, mark my place.  Now I only print charts.

FOs 2011....


  1. Wow, that's a lot of FOs! And all so lovely!

  2. Man you were busy in 2011! I need to hear about those needles and your Kindle Fire :) Let's catch up soon!

  3. Amazing, really!!

    I am a sweater knitter too. Of course, I do 2 or 3 a year!! :-)