Progress...small but steady

Lately, I have had to be more Executive than Knitter... long work days just means I work on smaller, less complex items that are portable, I can pick up and knit quickly.  This usually means accessories and benefits hubby and daughter who love hats.

Felted Shetland Beret
I loved this Churchmouse Yarn and Tea beret pattern and knew my daughter would love it, but to my surprise, hubby grabbed it and wearing it duffer style, he loved it.  It is light as a feather and so classy on him.  Big hit.

I used Lion Brand 1878 Wool in Charcoal, it felted beautifully.  Guess I need to repeat for daughter.

Kathmandu Cowl

I had two odd balls of Berroco Blackstone Tweed from a sale bin - and it was perfect for Kathmandu Cowl.  This yarn is a next to your skin soft and elegant tweed.  This is a perfect compliment to my favorite winter jacket perfectly. This pattern is free,  Super quick and easy knit.  (Shown here unblocked/even better blocked)
A new yarn shop in my area opened (The Knitting Boutique)and I, of course, had to visit immediately.  To my delight, they carry one of my favorite yarns - Schulana Donegal-Tweed. One and half skeins later we have a cozy, yummy cabled hat for hubby.  The color has to be seen to be appreciated and with 5% cashmere, it is so nice to wear.  I have a sweater's worth of this yarn in silvery gray in my stash - too good for just any pattern - it has been there a while.

This Holden Shawlette has been rolling around my knitting bags for weeks waiting patiently for the last 30% to be done.  One afternoon of football later, I have a lovely colorful shawlette.  I was surprised at the small size and worried it would not be useful.  Turns out - I like it better than the larger shawls - acts more like a light accessory to add color and not a garment.  And at under 400 yards - these will knit quickly.  Queueing more shawlettes as we speak...

Hubby reminded me that the 45 still need attention.  He loves this plan and keeps me honest to it.  At his nagging prodding,  I picked up one of my most frustrating and long marinating Stoney Cabled Cardigan.  Long suffering with only 2/3 of sleeve #1 - I stalled and have successfully avoided since Nov 2009.  On Sunday, I finished sleeved #1 and cast one #2.  Love the yarn - hate the color (bought on sale online, couldn't return)...modded the pattern to death - can't find my notes, not sure about the sleeve construction changes I feel my pain?  why not frog you ask?  I am too far into it ... just can't do it.  Plan is to finish and overdye it.  More to come....

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